Eugene Henry and Sarah
Anne Sessions Clark House

Eugene Henry and Sarah Anne Sessions Clark House - 307 West State
Eugene Henry and Sarah Anne Sessions Clark House - 307 West State

National Register's Architecture Description

"Built in 1895 on a corner lot, this one and a half story Victorian Eclectic design is composed of a rich variety of elements from a number of Victorian architectural styles. Constructed of brick exterior walls and wood frame interior floor and roof structures, this cross-wing house is covered by a steeply pitched roof which terminates in gables on both the projecting and flanking wings. Reminiscent of Eastlake detailing, carved panels and spindles embellish each gable which was originally accented in the Gothic Revival style by the use of finials placed at the apex of the gables and the lone dormer. The projecting wing, which is canted at 45 degree angles at each corner, is highlighted with decorative corner brackets with spindles above each cant. The large main floor parlor window, which is fixed with a leaded and stained-glass transom, is capped by an elliptical arch accented by alternating soldiers and a protruding header course. All other original windows, most of which remain in place, are one-over-one double hung, placed singly or in pairs. They are capped by segmental brick window heads. The entry is covered by a shed roof porch which features a gable with a decorative carved pediment and scroll-cut brackets above the main entry. The porch was originally punctuated by a series of Tuscan columns on raised pedestals which have been replaced by square wood columns."


Eugene Clark was the six child of Ezra and Susan Leggett Clark. Eugene attended Farmington Academy; he was a farmer and stock raiser, and was active in civic affairs. He married Sarah Ann Sessions in 1899. He had some of best fruit orchards in Farmington.