Isaac and Lovisa
Eldora Sears House

Isaac and Lovisa Eldora Sears House - 33 North 200 West
Isaac and Lovisa Eldora Sears House - 33 North 200 West

National Register's Architecture Description

"Built ca. 1908; one story side-gable bungalow; stucco finish; covered shed-roof porch which spans facade added ca. 1920; most windows are threeover- one double hung sash; original front door and transom remain in place; shed roof additions to the rear of the house."


This house was built by Isaac Sears for his second wife Lovisa Eldora Sears. At the same time, Isaac Sears bought the Timothy Baldwin Clark home next door at 208 West State Street. He lived next door with his first wife Sarah Jane Sears until his dealth in 1912.

Isaac Sears owned a salt factory with partnership with MacKegg and James Mellus. The pioneers used to gather up buckets of salt from the ground around the shores of the Great Salt Lake. They would boil this salt and skim it to obtain the necessary salt for cooking, etc. They piped water to make ponds at the lake. The water evaporated; then they packed the salt and shipped it to New York. They also gathered salt from the lake shores and freighted it by wagon to the mining areas in Nevada and Montana.