Verlene Rae Luken Fourplex

Verlene Rae Luken Fourplex
Verlene Rae Luken Fourplex - 237 West State

National Register's Architecture Description

It is a 1-story structure of two upper and to basement level side-by-side units built in 1962 and exhibiting a combination of Ranch/Rambler and general Modern styles in its essentially flat roof with very deep eaves and use of stone veneer to emphasize the low-slung nature of the structure. The building rests on a raised concrete basement foundation that appears to house two of the dwelling units. It is clad in tan regular brick arranged in a running bond pattern. A portion of the primary facade between the doorways of the two upper dwelling units is clad in coursed dressed stone blocks and slabs. The roof is clad in tar and pea gravel. The only notable external alterations are modern aluminum framed slider windows in the original openings of the eastern units the western units appear to retain the original windows and a modern aluminum patio awning affixed to the center of the rear elevation of the building in 2010. The awning appears to have replaced an older wood frame awning at the same location. A pair of small, modern prefabricated storage sheds was present at the rear of the property parcel. These sheds are considered non-contributing to the property while the dwelling is considered contributing to the district.


The dwelling at 237 West State Street is the Verlene Rae Luken Fourplex.